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A.I. and The God Question

Updated: Feb 16

We have just begun our journey into the future. Quantum computers will soon be a reality and A.I. Systems are getting better, faster, and smarter. Data is the lifeblood of A.I. and there are mountains of data for these intelligent computer systems to pull from. I often ponder the future of humanity. I look back in time and see how humans have always looked to the spiritual realm for answers. Whether it be the Hebrews who were led by the prophets of God or even the Pagan Culture who looked to sorcerers and divination to receive direction and guidance. I think of how powerful A.I. systems will be how smart they will become, and I wonder if humanity will look to them for some of life's biggest answers.

What is an algorithm? Putting it simply, and algorithm takes past data to predict future results. We as humans are running algorithmic processes all the time. Our memories of the past often are a variable in our decision-making process. For example, you eat food that makes you feel ill and when considering eating that food again, you take the past result into account. We do this all-day long.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, one of the main things it can do is find patterns. Recently an A.I. system was created to write new songs for dead musicians. It found patterns and then reordered them to make a new song. Really, its quit amazing.

As Artificial intelligent systems are getting better all the time, I believe we will look to them to give us answers that we as humans having been asking since the beginning of time.

Some of the most important questions all humans tend to ponder at one time, or another is, why am I here? Is there a God? are there intelligent beings inhabiting other planets? All of these are questions that the world has been debating since we were able to write our thoughts on paper. .

Watch The Video Below to see what A.I. might say about God and Christians.

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